Official Announcement of AAS Winners for the 2016 Garden Season

Last Saturday January 30th. the AAS winners for the 2016 Garden season were announced at the National Garden Bureau (NGB) meeting in Anaheim, California. ABZ strawberry Delizz is the first strawberry ever winning this award.

In the Grand Ballroom at the Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim California the winners of the All America Selections (AAS) were presented in a Winter Announcement. Mr. Adri Gillissen of ABZ Seeds was very pleased to receive the Award Certificate for strawberry Delizz out of hands of Diana Blazek, Executive Director AAS and NGB, and of Angus Melish, President of AAS.

With this announcement, these AAS winning varieties become available for immediate sale to the commercial market. Brokers and growers can purchase these varieties immediately. Retailers and consumers will find these Winners for sale for the 2016 gardening season as supply gradually becomes available throughout the chain of distribution. Garden communicators are free to begin writing about these varieties now.

Strawberry specialists from Andijk-Holland