Summer Breeze Cherry Blossom *F1

Like a beautiful spring blossom that heralds a summer full of delicious fruit: 'Summer Breeze Cherry Blossom' has it all: beautiful bright pink flowers AND delicious juicy fruit. The unique semi-double flowers hold on to their petals very long which creates a lot of colour on the plants.

'Summer Breeze Cherry Blossom' responds to various current trends: a healthy lifestyle, relaxation and more 'quality time' with
family and friends. With this graceful strawberry plant, the consumer enjoys the intense sea of flowers in their own garden, while they pick the most tasty, fresh strawberries.

The bright pink cherry blossom color of the 'Summer Breeze Cherry Blossom' combines well with the previously introduced colors in the Summer Breeze series: the rose-red Rose and the award-winning snow-white Snow.

More information about, for example, sowing and growing schedules can be found in this information sheet: ABZ Infosheet Summer Breeze series.

Strawberry specialists from Andijk-Holland